7 Tips for Designing T Shirts that People Love

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The best way to get your shirt noticed is an attractive design, a good color scheme, and something that will make the reader think of your brand long after they’ve seen the shirt. All great shirts have a few key elements or characteristics in common, and all successful branding shirts go through a meticulous design, revision, and proofing process. Here are a few things to keep in mind when racking your brain for the perfect promotional T-shirt design.

Brainstorm the Design

Start with several designs that represent the purpose behind the T-shirt. Whether it’s for a wedding or branding strategy, you want to make sure your design sends a clear message while remaining aesthetically pleasing and stylish for the wearer.

Consider the Demographic

Know your crowd; who will be wearing this shirt? Gear it toward the proper age group and gender for the best results.

Trial and Error

Make several different designs to get a feel for what you do and do not like.

Get Multiple Opinions

Take your favorite designs to others. Try different people in different career fields and demographics to get an overall opinion of the design.

Decide if You Need Detailed or Minimalist Styles

This depends on your target audience… but remember, busy styles can either be hit or miss with your T shirt design. Knowing your audience will help you determine which will be a hit and vice versa.

Consider the Color Scheme

Go with your brand or with the theme of your event, you want to make sure the color of the shirt and design make sense with the shirt’s purpose.

Use Quality Materials

Using only the best shirts, printers, and ink will result in an attractive shirt that is fade and damage resistant, ensuring that the wearer loves the shirt for a long time.



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