Is Your Logo Good Enough for Your Branding Strategy?

Logo Branding Strategies

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We embroider brand logos on a myriad of items. Of course, we could talk about the importance of brand awareness and logo propagation, but you know it already. This crucial factor is a staple to any business and the information is repetitive and ubiquitous, but for good cause. Whether your brand makes it or breaks it, lies within the logo design; boasting a successful brand awareness campaign begins by creating an attractive, timeless design that captivates the exact audience you want. These are the key elements to any successful brand.

When it comes to logo design, you get what you pay for, and it should take priority in your marketing budget. It works like this: you can put a plain, boring billboard in NYC, but will anyone care? By the same logic, you need to spread your logo consistently across all forms of media, both digital and tangible. This one works like this: you can place a beautiful billboard in an ocean, but will anyone see it? Key questions and facts like this can put it all into a new perspective for you. Your business branding strategy must work in synergy with each element aligned. For example, keep the same logo and color scheme consistent across all social media presences, employee uniforms, company vehicles, and all advertising materials. Give away SWAG (stuff we all get) on your social media profiles to generate leads. The benefit to this is that when they win something with your logo on it, they’re also spreading awareness of your brand. The cooler the prize, the more attention the item (and your brand) will receive.

Characteristics of Successful Logos

It’s not enough to create and spread just any minimalistic logo however; you have to put the time and effort into finding the right design, and an exceptional artist. Don’t pay for a logo online where you never get to consult with the artist, don’t try to DIY to save money, and never copy another company’s design. Each great logo consists of a few essential characteristics, as listed below.

  • A Unique, Custom Design
  • A Clear Message
  • Honesty
  • Consistency
  • A Memorable Image



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