Custom Made T-Shirts For Holiday Gifts

December has arrived and Christmas shopping is in full swing.  Some people love to give personalized homemade gifts to show a little extra care and attention.  A T-shirt from T-shirt MDs with a custom logo or phrase is a great gift you can give to a friend or even a family member. For friends, they’re great laid back gifts that are fun, easy and long lasting. You can share an inside joke, an on-going gag, or a heartfelt message.  However, you do have to purchase at least 12 t-shirts, so hopefully you have plenty of friends and family members to share them with.

Here’s some funny Christmas one liner and sayings you can put on a batch of t-shirts to give away this year.



  • Gangster Wrapper
  •  Dear Santa, My Brother Is The Naughty One
  •  To Some, Christmas Is About Other People’s Presence.
  • #Naughtylist
  • #Nicelist

Maybe, you’re looking for a Hanukkah T-Shirt.  Try some of these funny sayings.

  • Eight chances to get the Perfect Gift
  •   Hanukkah, No awkward explanations of virgin birth
  •   You Can Find Me At A Chinese Restaurant

Holiday T-Shirts are affordable fun gifts to give out to friends and family members.  You can be creative as you want and using the “create your own design” page on our site; you can have a t-shirt created with custom images and phrases within minutes.  It’s easy!

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