Embroidered Shirts vs. Business Casual Dress Code

dress code tipsThere is still a debate concerning what type of attire employees are required to wear on the job. On one side, you have those who feel that allowing employees to wear their own casual dress attire is a right they deserve. Others however, favor the idea that employees should all be dressed uniformly in attire provided by the company.

One very true fact, is that it’s easy to misconstrue what “business casual” clothing is. Due to this, it might be difficult for employees to keep up with the dress code. There will always be people trying to push the rules. Plus, embroidered shirts spread your business logo and color scheme. This is why embroidered dress shirts are becoming much more practical.

Embroidered work shirts are simple. Each employee is given a shirt or two that they’re required to wear. These shirts would have the company brand or logo embroidered onto them and they are the ideal reflection of appropriate business casual attire. You can give employees the choice of color, but the style will remain the same for everyone, which limits confusion and confrontation.

When  incorporating embroidered work attire into the workplace, remember:

1. These shirts influence branding and identity in the marketplace. To help set your company apart from competitors, company brands and logos are easily recognizable on embroidered shirts when attending trade shows, conventions or when clientele visit the workplace. Think about it beyond your location, what if an employee stops at a grocery store after work? They’re spreading your logo around like wildfire. By the same measure, an employee may stop for happy hour and get just a little too inappropriate with the language; set ground rules for company uniforms and where employees are allowed wear them.

2. Creating a “community” feeling among co-workers. Embroidered work attire for all is an easy way to build camaraderie. The need to compete is eliminated immediately when everyone is required to dress the same.

3. Embroidered work clothes increases professionalism. Customers and clientele will appreciate the embroidered clothing, which shows clients the importance of looking professional when serving their needs.

If you want to benefit from a reliable dress code solution, consider embroidered apparel today. Contact Art Related Technologies today to learn more about our embroidering services.

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