Picking The Best Promotional Item

With catalogs and webpages full of promotional items, how do you go about picking the right one for your company? Well there are a few elements to keep in mind when selecting an item to purchase, have your logo on and give to current and potential customers at the office, out at trade shows or anywhere else. It is a combination of three things that make a promotional item the right choice – it should be memorable, useful and cost-effective.



Pens, mouse pads and Chap Stick are a dime a dozen at any conference you attend. Pens are lost or tossed in a desk drawer, while mouse pads are barely even used by customers anymore. And Chap Stick, while useful, too easily gets lost or given away. When you are considering a variety of different items, look for something unique that also ties into what your company does. For example, a technology company could consider portable phone chargers or thumb drives whereas a travel company could see success with sunglasses or a small travel emergency kit.



In addition to being unique, this item should be useful. The portable charger or thumb drive are necessities for professionals on the go. Almost anyone can use a back-up pair of sunglasses and for anyone that travels, a small travel kit is something that can be used over and over for each trip. None of these items are throw-aways that leave your exhibition table and end up in the trash can. Think about who your potential customers are and what they could use day-to-day. When you figure this out, you can find the perfect promotional item to give them.



The third element could be potentially the most important, especially for small businesses or non-profits. The promotional item you choose should be cost effective to your marketing budget. These items should help you increase brand awareness and share your logo, without breaking the bank. Commonly, the most items of one kind that you buy, the cheaper they are per piece, which you should also consider.



When picking a promotional item for your company, take time to explore all the options available. Between catalog and online services, there is sure to be an item that resonates with your organization as well as fits within your budget. Getting input from your sales team can also be beneficial as they work one-on-one with customers and you want to provide them with a promotional item they are excited about, and can make the customer excited about.

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