SWAG Ideas for Brand Awareness

SWAG: Stuff We All Get.

promotional T shirt

Swag has been a key factor in branding for many years now. When you giveaway a branded bottle opener, t-shirt, or keychain at a trade show, you increase awareness of your logo and company name. So what’s the best swag for promotional events and trade shows? T-shirts of course! Here’s why your branding should always start with an attractive T-shirt that sends a clear message about your organization.

When you giveaway a screen-printed T-shirt, it’s significantly more likely to catch attention because for one thing, people will actually use this swag. Whether used for working out or bedtime, most people love loose, comfortable T-shirts for relaxing time. So, think about the person who is running errands after the gym or on an off day. They’re going all around town with your logo on their shirt. Now, compare that to how many people see your keychain… or consider how many people ask to borrow a bottle opener. Not a whole lot, right? Unless your target market is a bunch of bartenders, chances are that very few people will see your brand or logo. It all comes down to knowing and understanding your buyer persona. You could also opt for sweatpants or travel bags, as people use those for errands and trips to the gym as well. If your target market is travelers, think T-Shirts and luggage tags.

Keep in mind too, that if the prize is an attractive of funny one, like a witty T-shirt…more people will want to win it;  simply displaying the T-shirt can gather you a ton of attention.



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