This Season’s Top Marketing Tactic: A Summer Picnic

Summer is the best season to host a marketing event in the form of a picnic. Beautiful weather and increased free time is the perfect combination offered by this season. Individuals and families are looking for fun activities to fill their calendars on summer nights and weekends. A summer picnic can be a great way to bring new and potential customers together at a fun event that could also showcase your products or services without blowing your entire budget.

Typically held outdoors, a summer picnic can be held at a local park. A gazebo or shelter can be custom decorated for the event with your company’s colors and logos. Additional furniture can easily be brought by staff or rented separately. The park allows adults to spend time out of the office out in the fresh air and children a lot of room to run and play. Employees and clients can join together to enjoy a beautiful day and strengthen the company-consumer relationship.

Providing food to guests is also an integral part of any good event. A park gazebo or shelter will most likely have a grill so all you need to bring is hot dogs, hamburgers, beverages and the condiments. For a fuller meal you can also provide vegetables, pasta salads and dessert for guests. Great outdoor activities for guests in the park can be anything from a scavenger hunt to a ring toss. You could also host the event throughout an entire day so guests can come and go as they choose.

A closer and less expensive alternative to having your picnic at a park is hosting the event right on your own business’ property. In your parking lot or on a grassy part of the property all you need is the same food and a grill to host a great summer picnic. The benefits to having the picnic onsite include that you could provide tours of your facilities and have your entire staff on hand. This is an especially good idea for companies with brand new or newly remodeled facilities that could be of interest to clients.

This type of outdoor marketing event can be used as a way to sell your product or service to new customers or to show appreciation for existing customers. Having a table with products for sale can be a great way to instigate impromptu purchases from event attendees. On the other hand, having an appreciation event is a great way to build bonds and maybe even create more work from existing clients. In the winter the success of your event can easily be affected y the holidays and winter storms. In the summer, it is easy for people to stop by your event and stay for a few hours.

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