Top Social Media Marketing Tactics

Facebook LikeSocial media is a major part of marketing in the contemporary industry landscape. If you haven’t made a social media strategy yet, you aren’t impacting a huge segment of your audience through social networks, collectively the most visited sites in the world.



Through channels such as YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter you have access to the well over the majority of internet users. Facebook, the most popular of all social media sites in the world, is used by a mind-blowing 71% of all internet users! But before you start posting to your social media page- which ever medium you are considering- you must have a social media strategy.



Not one prospect in your market cares whose birthday it is within your company, so before you post “Happy birthday to Lynn from accounting,” please consider this. Not only does no one care, posts like this in no way drive traffic to your website or generate any revenue for your business. SO save the personal posts for your personal Facebook or Twitter page.



Acting as an authority in your industry and posting things people want to read can give you hits and credibility. Posting items educating your market on what your industry is and how professionals in your industry actually help people will make your company come across as professional and altruistic. This runs counter to companies posting self-serving, self-promoting website and social media posts disclosing how “they are the best” or how their product is “second to none!”



Once you can actually get them, followers want valuable content that teaches them something or piques their interest. Make sure when you create a post on Facebook or send a tweet; it can provide information to your audience that they want or may even want to ‘share.’


Knowing what you want to say and when you want to say it will help your company come across as organized and integrated. As you develop your social media plan, also create two or three goals for your networks. This will actually give you traction to your social media page, and subsequently to your webpage. This is the whole idea, right?


Another important element of having and maintaining your company’s social media networks is to be consistent. There’s nothing worse than going to a company’s Twitter profile and noticing that their last tweet was from two years ago. As part of your plan, choose an amount of times per day and per week that you are going to publish content. Stick to this plan to slowly but steadily build a captive audience.



Social media is becoming a crucial part of brand awareness and marketing for companies big and small. Creating and utilizing these communication channels can connect you to more consumers than ever before. Making a plan, setting goals, posting valuable content, and posting it consistently are all great ways to start taking advantage of what social media can bring to your business.

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