What Defines Guerilla Marketing?

Guerilla Marketing From content to digital to traditional marketing, companies have more choices than ever when it comes to getting word out about their brand, products and services. But maybe you are looking for something even more out of the box for your company. Enter guerrilla marketing, a creative, limitless means letting your brand and logo reach places more likely to draw a lot of attention.

One such tactic is having your logo somewhere unexpected. Billboards and benches have already been done. What about on plates at the local café or on towels at a hotel or beach club? Something like this catches your audience off guard and makes them pay attention to the logo and think about what your organization has to offer.

Another tactic is a word-of-mouth campaign. This can be especially useful for companies that are just opening or organizations that are opening a new location. Instead of paying for and giving out tons of brochures, create a referral program that gives discounts based on a special phrase or by referencing a current client. A good product or service will have customers telling their friends, so make it more valuable by offering a deal to keep current customers and obtain new ones.

Do you know what else people love? Food. Too few companies use food to help promote their organization when there are a variety of ways to do so. For example, instead of handing out pens with your company logo, try a chocolate bar with your logo on it. For a healthier alternative you could give potential customers trail mix that you have made yourself with your logo and company information on.

All of these ideas can be used to spark the imagination as much as they can be used tactically. Guerrilla marketing might require more thinking and planning, but in the long term it can save your company money while at the same time increasing brand awareness and sales. Unlike television and radio advertisements or an ad in the phone book, this type of marketing is original and impressive not to mention effective.

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