Brighten Up Your Brand this Summer

Summer is a great time to give your brand a makeover. Whether you’re hoping to attract new, younger customers, or just want to give your aging logo or design a bit of a refresh, take a good look at your brand and your collateral this summer and increase your customer outreach with Art Related Technologies’ services.

Vehicle Fleet

If you deliver a product, or interface with your customers on a regular basis, you probably have a few company cars. When was the last time you gave them a fresh coat of paint, and some brand new, eye-catching lettering? Our custom vinyl decals for trucks, cars and vans can take your design and logo and turn it into a lasting look that will broadcast your brand proudly on your delivery or service vehicles.

Advertising on the side of your delivery vans or commercial trucks is one of the best ways to market your company. It’s a cost-effective advertising solution that’ll reach dozens of customers in one fell swoop. People driving around will see your logo and recognize your brand, and when they need your products or services, your name will be the one they have in mind. Passive advertising like is a great solution that helps you look good while making your brand more well known.

Logo Creation

W-Themed Logo DesignsOf course, it all starts with a logo, and if you don’t have a design or are thinking about recreating your logo, Art Related Technologies is available to help. Our graphic design team can create concepts and balance colors to work with your interests and your business. We have an eye for what might resonate with your customers, and our talented designers are standing by to help you create the perfect logo for your company. Plus, when you work with us, we can create vehicle-specific versions of your logo, as well as logos that you can use on other marketing collateral.

Branded Products

Of course, once you have your logo, you can also use it to promote your business or reward your customers or employees with branded items. Whether you’re looking for branded gifts or giveaway items or custom-made items that can appeal to your client base, you can find it all with Art Related Technologies. Just take your logo and shop the full inventory of products, from pens and pencils to water bottles and tote bags to USB drives and much more. Branded products are another passive way to promote your brand while also helping make employees and clients feel rewarded for their efforts or business.

Learn more about all of our services by stopping by our showroom at 3711 Pulaski Highway in Abingdon, MD, or give us a call at 410-676-7600 today.

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