Caring for Screen-Printed Apparel

Art Related Technologies specializes in screen printing, embroidery and other forms of apparel artwork and design. That means we understand the importance of taking good care of your clothes. However, it’s all the more important when cleaning and maintaining the look of your customized apparel. If you have a screen-printed shirt, you want your special personalized clothing to stay looking bright and fresh, and there are a few steps you can take to keep it looking like new.

Caring for T-ShirtsTo start, the best way to care for screen-printed shirts is by cold washing them. Hot water can loosen printing inks or even allow the inks to bleed on white-colored clothing. You also don’t want to use bleach or any other caustic chemicals, such as fabric softeners. You should also use a powdered detergent instead of a liquid one. Powder detergents provide a more thorough and natural clean and won’t damage your shirt’s artwork.

After washing comes drying, and for that you want to skip the dryer all together. The hot temperature and tumultuous movement of driers can be damaging to your screen-printed clothing. Instead, hang your shirts out to dry – but avoid placing shirts in direct sunlight. Exposure to the sun can accelerate fading or expose your shirt to unsafe heat, especially if your printing was done in a dark color which absorbs the sun’s rays. Hang your apparel to dry in the shade for the best results.

When you get your custom made T-shirt from Art Related Technologies, you want it to last and with these tips you can help preserve them for years to come. Our high-quality screen-printed shirts are like no other, made just for you and your group, business, event or occasion. To learn more about custom screen-printed apparel from Art Related Technologies, call us today at 410-676-7600.

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