Casual or Professional, Say it All with Embroidery

Whether you’re a small business looking to reward customers and promote your company with branded hats or polos or a bowling team looking to unite your team with matching uniforms, embroidered apparel is an ideal solution. Perfect for casual and professional looks, embroidery is very adaptable and can provide a much more detailed and refined look than you might expect. Let’s explore some uses for embroidery to consider when you’re shopping for customized clothing and gear.

Casual Apparel

Embroidered company apparel can be great for team bonding among your employees. If you put together a bowling league or sponsor a golf trip for your team, getting everyone matching polos embroidered with the company’s logo is a great extra way to show your appreciation while also helping to promote your brand. You can also use embroidered swag as giveaway prizes at your sales conferences to boost morale among your sales reps and give them a casual tee to wear over the weekend. Embroidery doesn’t have to be all about business, however. Hosting a family barbecue or reunion? Make up some matching tees or baseball caps for everyone in your extended family.

Professional EmbroideryProfessional Apparel

If you work in a business where your employees should be in matching or similar attire, embroidered apparel can go a long way toward presenting a neat and professional look for your team. For example, if you own a restaurant, your servers’ uniform can be an embroidered button-down shirt with their name and your restaurant name stitched on the front. Embroidery is also a great choice for jumpsuits or coveralls that a plumbing or other in-home service company’s employees might wear. Let us embroider your logo onto a patch for your uniforms or customize each team member’s gear with their name to help provide a consistent professional look and an easy-to-identify expression that can put clients at ease during on-site work.

Art Related Technologies can help you complete your look – casual or professional. Our expert designers are here to help ensure that your branding and embroidery work conveys exactly what you need it to. We can work with you to create apparel and gear that highlights your brand or employees and shows your logo or company in the best possible light.

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