Get the Group Together with Custom Tees

The best time of the year to gather up friends and family for fun in the sun is summertime. Summer means time off school, vacation time from work and time away from the stressors of daily life. Summer events such as trips, reunions, weddings and more rule the dog days of summer.

What better way to support and celebrate your teammates, friends and family members than with custom T-shirts for everyone? Design a custom screen-printed T-shirt to suit each unique personality in your posse or bring a group logo to life with custom embroidery.

Here are some ideas for custom T-shirts for some of the most popular occasions this summer.

Family Road Trip

The family road trip is a time-honored tradition for numerous families that choose to pile into the car and travel away to a unique destination for the summer months. What says family road trip more than custom T-shirts printed up for the whole family? Options are endless when it comes to printing options. Consider fun nicknames or slogans for each family member, or pick a logo to represent your family – maybe your family crest or something more kitschy and fun – and have that embroidered or printed on shirts for everyone.

High School Reunion

Whether this is your 10th or 50th high school reunion, celebrate in style with custom T-shirts for each member of your graduating class. Maybe you all had nicknames in high school – get these printed on your shirts and relive those old memories. Did your class have a slogan or special logo? These are all ways to reunite your former high school pals and celebrate your new lives as adults. Make the most of your high school reunion with custom shirts and logos special to only the exclusive club you and your classmates.

Custom Volleyball JerseysVolleyball Team

So you’ve gathered up your friends to form a recreational volleyball team. Show the other teams that you mean business by getting custom team jerseys. Jerseys show solidarity, allowing everyone to match in one or a few select team colors. Rather than wearing traditional jerseys, creating a team name and logo and customizing a shirt for each player allows your team to stand out on the court. Just imagine the team pictures of everyone in their custom team shirts after winning a tough match!


Summer typically brings about an abundance of weddings as couples scramble to take advantage of the beautiful weather for their big day. Some memorable aspects for the newlyweds-to-be include the bachelor and bachelorette parties that occur just before the couple says “I do.” Get your party on in style with custom-printed T-shirts and embroidered designs that are sure to stand out everywhere you go. Give the bride or groom the attention they deserve with silly and fun shirts for everyone in the bridal party.

Family Reunion

Summer makes it easy to get everyone together for a family reunion, where outdoor activities and nice weather create great vibes and memories. Family reunions are notorious for getting everyone in a family T-shirt to foster family unity and to take great pictures. Create timeless memories and show love for your family name by having T-shirts printed up for your reunion. From kids to grandparents, these shirts will help you celebrate and remember your reunion for years to come.

Custom screen-printed shirts and custom embroidery gives you the creative freedom to create T-shirts for any type of group this summer. Get started with designing your own look online now, or call us today at 410-676-7600 for help getting started.

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