Have You Seen this Tiny Screen Printer?

Last month, our hearts were captured by the tiny screen printer created by artist Devin Smith. As reported by Vice, not only is it an adorable little version of a screen printer, it actually is fully functioning as well! It can be used to print tiny little images of pine trees onto tiny little shirts that no human being could ever fit into. What makes this tiny screen printer so special is because of its size, it forces the viewer to pay close attention to, and even marvel at the process of screen printing.

If this artist has found the technology to make a T-shirt fit for a mouse, what else is possible in the world of screen printing? At Art Related Technologies, we know that screen printing can open a world of custom-designed possibilities. We let you customize screen printed T-shirts, Henleys and turtlenecks. All you have to do is tell us what you envision having on your shirt and our talented team of professional designers will make your vision a reality. There is no design too complex for our designers, and we can create a detailed stencil of your idea and use mesh and ink to transfer the image onto your apparel.

Art Related Technologies can make customized jerseys for your soccer league or help you promote your band with custom-printed logo shirts! Our skilled staff works with a wide variety of colors to make your ideas come to life.

Our customers often view each printing as a creative invention that they can be a part of, and it is true. The custom shirts and designs that you come up with are the greatest things since sliced bread – or at least since the tiny screen printer.

To learn more or to get started with having your custom ideas screen printed, call us today at 410-676-7600.

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