How Promotional Products Can Help With a Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign

Promotional Products For Breast Cancer Awareness

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. If your business wants to help the cause, there are a number of organizations that you can make a donation to. You can also invest in special promotional products that will help you bring awareness to a breast cancer campaign while allowing you to promote your company. Check out a few of the best products for your business.

Breast Cancer Awareness Pink Matte Shopper Bag

If your business specializes in selling products to customers who come in to visit, why not send people home with one of these bags when you make a sale? It’ll show your commitment to raising awareness when it comes to breast cancer while also giving you a steady supply of sturdy bags to keep your customers’ purchases safe.

Breast Cancer Ribbon Gift Mug with Cocoa

Want to give your customers something that will remind them to keep breast cancer in mind all year long? They’ll think about it every morning when they’re sipping coffee (or cocoa!) out of this mug. This would be the perfect prize for any special Breast Cancer Awareness Month events that you might be holding.

Breast Cancer Awareness Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer Sprayer

It’s safe to say that people are pretty much obsessed with hand sanitizer these days. Most won’t leave home without it! Help your customers or the people attending an event that you’re throwing to stock up on hand sanitizer with this Breast Cancer Awareness Month-themed sprayer.

Breast Cancer Awareness Words Plus™ Business Card Magnet

Do you hand out a lot of business cards to your customers every month? During the month of October, do it by giving them this business card magnet that is filled with inspirational words. People will stick it on their refrigerators when they get home and leave it there.

Would you like to purchase one of these promotional products for Breast Cancer Awareness Month? Or do you have another promo product in mind that you’d like to buy? Call Art Related Technologies at 410-676-7600 today to place an order.

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