Keep Vehicle Graphics Looking Great this Winter

Vehicle Graphics Winter can not only do a number on our cars and trucks, but if you have a business vehicle with custom graphics, they can be damaged by the cold and snowy weather as well. This year, don’t let snow, ice and salt deteriorate your graphics. Get some tips to protect your decals and lettering.

Don’t Use Your Scraper

After a snowfall, odds are good that some of the snow is already to your car. If this is the case, do not use a scraper to get it off. By using a scraper, you run the risk of hitting the graphics, which can chip or rip away some or even all of your custom graphics. Instead, use a bristle brush to sweep the snow away or let is fall off naturally in the wind.

Remove Salt ASAP

What also happens after a snowfall is the plow trucks drive around dumping salt and sand on roadways to help keep roads clear and prevent icing over. When you drive on the roads afterwards, this salty moisture can spray up, coating your windshield and the sides your vehicle – including your decals and lettering. It’s important to not let this salt sit for very long, though, as if left on your car or truck, it can eat away at both your vehicle and the graphics as well. Wash your car when salt begins to build up and keep the salt from affecting your graphics.

Prevent Build Up

Once the snow falls, it’s important to not let it build up on your car. Snow and ice can freeze and refreeze as it warms and melts during the day and refreezes as night falls and temperatures drop. This freeze and thaw cycle can create ice over your graphics, which in turn can cause expansion and contraction that weakens or destroys some of the good looking lettering on your vehicle. Whether it has snowed just a dusting or a foot or more, keep your car clear and help make your graphics last longer.

Whether you’re looking for new graphics for your vehicle or need to update old and worn designs, Art Related Technologies offers vehicle lettering and graphics that will make your vehicle look great year-round. For more information, give us a call today at 410-676-7600.

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