Making Bridal Party Shirts for Bachelorette Party Fun

Bachelorete PartyCelebrate the last few days as a single lady and party the night away with close friends at your bachelorette party. A great idea to bring the girls together for this night of fun is to create matching shirts for your night on the town.

We recommend starting with some sort of template. Think of a great slogan to add to everyone’s shirt. If getting a few free drinks from cute guys at the bar, think of a funny slogan to do so. If your bride to be is a bit more reserved, you can put sayings that are more modest on there as well.

Some great sayings that we recommend are:

  • Bride & Co. (In Tiffany Blue of course!)
  • By Me A Shot, I’m Tying the Knot
    For Bridesmaids – By Her a Shot, She’s Tying The Knot
  • Keep Calm & Marry On
  • Team Bride
    Bridesmaids – Team Bridesmaids
  • Raising Hell Before The Wedding Bells
  • Front: Bachelorette Support Crew; Back: If Lost Return to Bachelorette Party
  • Proud To Be With the Bride-To-Be

If there is someone in your group that is particularly crafty, ask them to design the shirt for everyone to wear. Alternatively, you could have them in charge of adding a bit of extra flare to the outfit, whether it is adding glitter, tie dying or just bedazzling the shirts. Feel free to get creative on this night all about celebrating your friend’s upcoming nuptials.

Another great idea to customize your t-shirts even more is to add your cute and/or funny nicknames for each other on the back. At the end of the night have everyone sign or write a message on the brides shirt so that she can have it as a keepsake of your wild and crazy night to remember.

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