Order Promo Items for 2017 Now!

The new year is almost here, so what are you doing to get your business ready?

With Art Related Technologies’ wide array of personalized promotional products, you can start 2017 off right with branded materials that your employees, clients and prospective customers will love.

As the year winds down and you start planning ahead for the new year, ordering your promotional supplies now is a smart decision and can make sure you have everything you need to ensure a successful new year. The holidays can be a hectic time of year where clients are often overstimulated with travel, shopping and other obligations. Taking the time to make sure you’re all set now is a smart decision that will pay off in the future.

Promotional ItemsGetting customized items for your business or organization helps you to stand out from the crowd. Plus, your items can serve as a great a new year’s gift, whether it’s to thank your employees for another year of hard work or your customers for choosing you and your services. Take your pick of a wide variety of customized apparel items, including T-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets and hats.

A new year usually means a new budget for marketing, too, so refresh your promotional supplies with personalized bags and totes for 2017. Perfect for tradeshow booths and client giveaways, a durable tote or bag is a promo product that everyone can use! Plus, bags and totes are easy to store and travel with, making them popular with a large number of people, and with your logo showing prominently on the side, you get the benefit of some extra free advertising!

If you are looking to promote your products or brand on college campuses in 2017, Art Related Technologies has just the right custom items for you! Shop the campus store to find all the freebies that college students love. From backpacks and cups to earbuds and hand sanitizer, you can personalize any item and have them by the new year – just in time for students to come back to school for the spring semester!

Health and wellness seems to be on everyone’s mind with the start of a new year. Just think of all those new year’s resolutions (whether or not you succeeded!). Kick start an employee wellness program in 2017 and offer incentives that can be used all year long! Order customized pedometers and BMI calculators to spread the word about the program at your company and offer great incentives like personalized yoga mats to those who stick with it. Stocking up on promo items early will get you and your employees excited to stay healthy throughout 2017.

At Art Related Technologies, we’re available to help you find the perfect promotional products for the new year! Call us today at 410-676-7600 and discuss what you’re looking for or shop our online catalog now and find the perfect items for your business or organization.

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