Promote Your Team with Personalized Products

When you’re a part of a local team or club, you want the community to not only know about your group, but also to support you as well. It can be difficult to get your name out there, but one way you could do it is with promotional items.

One the items your team or club should consider are vehicle magnets. Commonly used these days by causes and popular destinations, these magnets are a great way to get people intrigued about what you’re a part of. For example, if you’re on a chess team and you have a logo, you could put that logo on a magnet and stick it to your bumper to get people asking what it is. Have members or teammates place them on their cars and drive around with them on to raise support and awareness.

Schedule MagnetSchedule magnets are another great promotional tool and especially good for teams with competition dates throughout the season. Maybe you have fans who want to come to your games but don’t know when the season starts or when the games are. By giving out magnets at games and at local establishments, you will be able to raise your attendance and the overall support for your team as you compete for victory.

In addition to magnets, car flags are another great promotional item that is very popular these days. Having your team or club logo and name on a car flag that waves while you drive down the streets of your town is a great way to make others aware of you and your club, helping drive interest and maybe new members.

There is a an incredibly diverse range of products that can all be personalized for your club, team or organization, and Art Related Technologies help. Besides promotional products, we also offer screen printed apparel and custom embroidered items perfect for any group. For more information on our products and services, call us today at 410-676-7600 or toll-free at 866-GR8-TEES!

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