St. Patrick’s Day Marketing Ideas

Promotional Products for St. Patrick's DaySt. Patrick’s Day has turned into one of the most popular holidays in the country. Although it was a holiday that was once celebrated mainly by those with Irish backgrounds, it has transformed into a holiday for all Americans enjoy. Your business should take advantage of this popular holiday by coming up with St. Patrick’s Day marketing ideas and putting them to good use. Whether you own a retail store, a restaurant, a bar, or some other kind of establishment, you can get everyone into the spirit this St. Patrick’s Day while marketing your business at the same time. Here are some marketing ideas that might work well for your business.

Decorate your business with as much green as you possibly can.

In the weeks leading up to St. Patrick’s Day, you should decorate your business so that it’s filled with green items from top to bottom. You can hang up decorative green lights, stick shamrocks on the walls, and find other ways to incorporate green into both the interior and exterior of your business. It’ll help get your customers excited about the upcoming holiday.

Encourage your employees to wear green and provide them with fun promotional products.

In addition to decorating the inside and outside of your business with St. Patrick’s Day-related items, you should also encourage your employees to wear green throughout the month of March. You might even want to supply them with fun St. Patrick’s Day promo products that they can wear to show off their spirit. Items like this St. Patrick’s Day Hat with Green Beard, this St. Patrick’s Day Hat, or this Green Derby Hat would be perfect. You may want a handful of these products on hand so you can also hand them out to your customers.

Advertise special St. Patrick’s Day sales on your products and/or services.

Outside of using the marketing ideas that we just mentioned, you should also consider holding special sales on your products and/or services around St. Patrick’s Day. From “buy one, get one free” promos on your store’s clothing to drink specials on cocktails at your bar, you can find all sorts of fun ways to drum up interest in your business by leaning on the excitement surrounding St. Patrick’s Day. Whatever you do, don’t pass up on a great opportunity to use St. Patrick’s Day to your benefit.

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