The Benefits of Handing Out Promotional Products at Golf Tournaments

Golf Tournament Promotional Products Times are strange, aren’t they? Usually the summer is full of events that help promote good causes and brands, making it a win-win for both organizations and consumers. However, thanks, to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are really limited in the types of events we can plan, and have to try to guess which types of events guests would feel comfortable attending during these uncertain times.

One event type that people still seem willing and able to attend is a golf tournament. Whether you use a golf tournament to raise money for charity, to increase brand awareness, to host clients for a fun day or to raise funds for your business, they’re a wonderful opportunity to make a lasting impression on your guests.  Notably, handing out promotional products is one easy way to make sure your brand and tournament is not easily forgotten. Corporate golf events tend to attract golfers who book their summer calendars around the tournaments, and most will expect to receive some sort of cool promotional product that will help separate your tournament from the rest, while encouraging them to sign up again next year.

Examples of Golf Tournament Promotional Products

You may be wondering what products you should consider to help separate your tournament from the rest. Here are a few ideas:

Golf Promotional Products Golf Kits

A golf kit contains the things every golf bag needs, including tees and golf balls in a beautiful case that can easily be clipped onto a golf bag. The bag itself, the balls and the tees will be imprinted with your organization’s logo and can be color coded to match your brand.

Scorecard and Tag Sets

A classy promotional gift, scorecard tags provide your organization with a billboard, and golfers with a nifty tool that holds their scorecards, as well as a tag for their bag where they can fill out their name. As well, there is a pouch to hold their watch, phone, money or other valuables while playing.

LED Golf Balls

LED Golf Balls Few things are worse than twilight golfing and being unable to tell whether or not you hit a good shot. LED golf balls fix that problem, and golfers will love having a ball that lights up when they’re approaching darkness son the course. Best of all, the ball will illuminate your company’s name and/or logo, providing you with a unique branding opportunity.

Those are just a few of the many examples of golf promotional products you can hand out at your next corporate tournament. Art Related Technologies, Inc. has all sorts of options, as seen here. If you have any questions or would like to discuss your specific needs, contact us today.

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