The Best Advertising Color Combinations

19541340_SIn business, first impressions are crucial. Your company logo can say a lot about your offerings and capabilities. When purchasing a branded t-shirt for you company, its important to remember that the color of the shirt can impact the effectiveness of the logo and brand. Colors can make a logo stand out and also have a psychological affect on the target audience.

If you have a colorful logo your best options for t-shirts are black, white or gray. These colors allow the logo to stand out and the brand to speak for itself. These colors are also easy to match. Employees required to wear the shirts will easily be able to match them and consumers will be more likely to wear a shirt that is a more typical color. The colors black, white and gray can also look very professional and corporate.

Some companies however are better off using brighter, bolder colored t-shirts for advertising. Blue shirts give off a vibe that is honest, caring and conservative. This color can be a great base to a logo that is white, gray or red. Speaking of red, this is a powerful color that will definitely make employees or customers stick out when wearing your logo. Red also displays passion and can compliment a black, grey or white logo. In fact, these types of logos really stand out against a red t-shirt.

Pink and purple are best for companies that want to target women. These colors are especially feminine and rarely attract men when used in advertising. T-shirts in these colors do provide a good canvas for logos and slogan in any sort of dark color like green, blue or gray. Other color combinations can work well too for example green and orange or purple and yellow.

The right color for your advertising t-shirts should also depend on your target market. Children will wear virtually any color while adults tend to be a bit pickier. Men and women like to wear completely different colors so if your target market includes both genders, a more neutral color is a safe bet. Most importantly your logo should be easily seen when printed on the shirt. If the logo doesn’t stand out, the advertising won’t work as well.

Fact of the matter is that people love free t-shirts. Using shirts as a uniform for employees or as a gift for new customers, they are a great way to expose your logo, brand and offerings. T-shirts are a creative and effective way to advertise your business not to mention they are cost-effective and timeless.

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