The Psychology of Logo Color

If you pass billboards, bus stops, and fast food restaurants on your morning drive to work, your eyes have probably strayed from the road at least once or twice. McDonald’s bright yellow arches, Coca-Cola’s red scrolly font, and Target’s bold, bulls-eye logo comprise the eye-catching sky ornamentation of our modern marketing world.

Color catches emotion and conveys a message, and the right hue when deciding on logo design for your business can do both.

Let’s start with a straight shooter: yellow. It’s no surprise that, when people see yellow, they think of bursting rays of sunshine and happy smiles. According to several color guides, yellow is representational of optimism and warmth, but also authority. Yellow is used differently by companies, depending on the nature of their industry. In retail and hospitality, yellow is often used to reach the widest audience. In construction, yellow is a safety standard, splashing the text of most roadway and highway signs.

Purple is a secondary color you must use wisely as it is lethal in altering perceptions (but, really, that’s what we want, right?) Purple is a mixture of the coolness of blue and the outspokenness of red, so it can be used to convey multiple messages. Purple is powerful in that it is also a color of inspiration and encouragement. Purple is also a color of awareness; it is the national color of the Domestic Violence Awareness campaign as well as the color chosen to represent over 30 other illnesses and causes, such as Alzheimer’s Disease and Lupus. Its offshoots periwinkle, orchid, and violet also represent various forms of cancer awareness.

We as humans are attracted to the color red in advertisement. Why? Because it’s the color of urgency, and it elicits a response in us almost instantly. With red, you don’t have to get too elaborate with design; sometimes simple is better. Take Netflix’s logo for instance: it’s simple but not boring. It stands out without being tacky. Red also signifies sexuality, which is often used to sell products in the entertainment and retail business. If you want someone to lust over your products, to feel some sort of urgency for instant gratification, choose a fiery red color. The clothing store H&M has, and it seems to be working for them.

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