What Size T-shirts Should You Order for Giveaways?

Different sizesHow many times have you seen person win a t-shirt and it was not even close to the right size for him or her? We’ve seen it too many times, and we don’t want your giveaway to be a flop. Let us fist applaud you for taking the steps and putting thought into this giveaway, you are ahead of the game.

Then, let’s think about who you are giving these t-shirts away to? Are you giving them to the football team of your local college in hopes they will come chow down at your new food truck? Or are you setting up a random Facebook giveaway for your loyal followers? Whom you are trying to give these away to? Asking yourself these questions will help with making your decision. Consider the crowd.

If that didn’t narrow down your selection of sizes, stick to the safest rule. Offer a variety of sizes instead of 2 truckloads of XXL shirts. Stick to the common sizes. Those are Medium, Large and Extra Large. Yes, you will have people larger and smaller than those sizes but it is a free t-shirt after all! If the winner cannot wear it, he or she will pass it along to someone else and that might be even better for you – it’s spreading brand awareness! Not only did you make someone happy by giving them a free t-shirt, but also you are spreading your company name and logo. The winner gives the shirt to someone else, and that person subsequently questions who you are and what you do. That is great advertising. Maybe you can even extend your giveaway to include giving that person 2 free t-shirts, one for themselves and one for a friend!

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