Baby Gift Ideas: Embroidered Onesies

diy custom onsieGiving new baby gifts should not be a major stressor in your life. New moms will always need so many things, so almost any gift is perfect. Onesies are very popular, and all infants wear them, so why not consider customizing a onesie with some appropriate embroidery that will make the gift unique to the newborn?

Whether you like to do your own embroidery, or would rather have something custom made for you, embroidered onesies are more personal than other types of gifts, and both mom and dad will thank you for them.

With embroidery, especially on newborns’ onesies, anything goes. If the baby is a girl, flowers, bows, Hello Kitty, and other animals are great. And they can be embroidered in either “girly” colors, like pink and pastels, or bright colors like reds, orange, yellows and greens. You might also consider embroidering ballet slippers, lollypops, balloons, and cute or funny words and sayings. “Princess”, or “Daddy’s Girl” are a couple you might choose, but the object here is to get creative and use your imagination.

Monograms, or the baby’s full name, are two choices you can’t go wrong with. If the mom has had twins, you may embroider something like, “Her Twin”, or “His Twin”, on the onesies. You can switch things up a bit by using colors that are traditionally for boys, for a girl, and vice versa.

If the baby is a boy, you might put the logo of Dad’s favorite sports team on the onesie. That’s always fun and pays homage to the dad, who is often unsung when a baby is born. Sayings from a favorite television show can also be unique, if they have a special meaning to the parents.

Anything that has meaning to the family is always appreciated, and something that can be handed down from generation to generation. Make your choice a personal one. Pick a pattern or words and pictures that say something about the family, or hopes for the baby’s future. Whatever you choose, enjoy the process of planning and executing the project. If you put love into what you do, love will be received.


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