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Getting Ready For Father’s Day 2013

Father’s Day 2013 is June 16th, and while that particular Sunday is months away, we want to share our thoughts of a great way to appreciate your dad, just like we did in the last post for Mother’s Day.

For any father, making sure his family is safe, happy and healthy is top priority. This year, give your pops a gift that expresses your “Thank You!” A top choice for a Father’s Day gift that’s sure to be used is a customized t-shirt!

There are endless options for designing and embroidering a t-shirt. Plus, you know your dad will be more than willing to rock his T-shirt that showcases his children’s love. From the color, to the phrasing and lettering, you get to choose exactly how the t-shirt Custom Screen Printing and Embroidery Company in Abingdon MDlooks.

To suit all dad personalities, here are some design ideas, or you can put something together in our custom designer:

For the dad with young ones: handprints with the phrase “Hands Down Best Dad!”

For the expectant parents: a cute little baby with the phrase “Soon To Be Dad: ETA December 1, 2013!” Or “New Dad 2013!”

For the tech savvy dad: an iPhone with the phrase “iDad”

For the dads who love to fish: a fish and reel picture with “Best Fishing Dad Caught Here!”

Once you have the idea locked down, you can trust the embroidery and screen-printing services of T-Shirts MD to make sure the t-shirt looks great and will bring a bright smile to your dad’s face!