When Planning A Family Reunion, Don’t Forget the Custom Made T-Shirts!

Family reunions are exciting events, especially because they bring family members together from near and far. Many times, there will be family members who haven’t seen each other in years and the reunion provides a great opportunity to catch up.

Planning a family reunion is much like planning a wedding. You can’t just throw together a reunion in a couple of days. Here are some tips for helping to plan a successful reunion:

• Create a family heirloom with custom t-shirts for everyone to wear. They’ll always have a remembrance of this special day spent with special people. Your t-shirts could include a unique name for the reunion as well as picture, date and location. Contact Art Related Technologies for information about our custom t-shirts.

• Keep in mind some family members can’t afford what others can; you don’t have to go extravagant for a good time.

• Create a family reunion website or blog where you can invite members and keep everyone informed of the plans/changes.

• Try to plan the reunion around a long weekend where people typically get an extra day off.

• Once you have a date and location locked down, divide duties among family members.

• For out of town guests, plan/assist with their accommodations.

• Have each family bring pictures and memories from the past to reminiscence and share with the younger generation.

• Plan games/challenges where everyone can join in. Try to minimize supplies to save on packing and spending.

• Set a loose schedule so there’s plenty of time for catching up in between activities.

• Create a palate-friendly meal that doesn’t take away from visiting. Divvy up menu selections to others as well.

The most important benefit of having a family reunion is to connect and re-connect with the people whom you share or will share an amazing bond.

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