Your Logo: The Face of a Company



Marketing a product or company is all about design these days. That’s why graphic artists are flourishing. The logo, or brand identity of a company is almost more important than the message. Companies are interested in leaving a lasting impression with consumers and that is all about color and form. When we see Golden Arches in magazines or TV commercials, we immediately recognize McDonald’s and think of having a Big Mac. And so it is with all successful companies and products. The flowing cursive of Coca-Cola means a cold drink. You can’t beat that for good marketing.

The familiarity of a company’s logo is a source of comfort to the consumer. This is just good business. To sell a product you need something that is , yes, marketable. But you also need an iconic symbol that represents that product – something that says who you are in one quick glance. Advertising copy is important as well, but it is your logo that people see first and it is that that they will remember. So you must think long and hard about what kind of design you want to represent your product. And it needs to be a design, colors and shapes, that can be reproduced in small and large scales.

Marketing has become a very large and complex industry. And now with computer graphics, the possibilities are almost endless. Logos are simple and elaborate, black and white or full of color, static or animated. But they are designed to create a lasting image in the eye of the consumer, to be instantly known. Companies want to be identified with these icons before you ever have to hear the message. A good logo is good branding. Creating the best logo to represent your product or company is not only one of the best marketing techniques, but it puts a face to the name. And that is so important.


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