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Tote Bags as Branding Tools

Marketing specialists love tote bags. Why? Because they can be used in so many creative applications. Just think of the social media campaigns, charities, and events you can raise awareness about by creating a clever message or image for all to tote around. A tote bag user is often street-savvy, impressionable, and constantly moving. For… Continue Reading

The Psychology of Logo Color

If you pass billboards, bus stops, and fast food restaurants on your morning drive to work, your eyes have probably strayed from the road at least once or twice. McDonald’s bright yellow arches, Coca-Cola’s red scrolly font, and Target’s bold, bulls-eye logo comprise the eye-catching sky ornamentation of our modern marketing world. Color catches emotion… Continue Reading

Building Brand Ambassadors with Useful Promotional Products

Building Brand Ambassadors with Useful Promotional Products

The rapid-fire rate at which information is disseminated throughout social media sites is astounding, and it’s more likely than not that your Facebook ad was forgotten about the second it was clicked on. Social networking, while an important tool for marketers, is a fleeting pastime for most. That’s where swag comes in. Here are some… Continue Reading